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Fay Katherine's Short Tutorial on PHPList

PHP List or Newsletter
I am frequently asked how to send a newsletter with PHPList.  
Here is a short tutorial.
Once you download the PHPlist software from fantastico you will 
receive an email from  
In it will be where the software was installed, the software’s path, 
and more.  You should print this out and add it to your website file.  
Next, follow the Admin Url
It should look like this:
Type in your Username
Type in your Password
Now you are in the control window for your PHP List/Newsletter.
On the right side there is a menu.
If you click on Users, it will list all of the users that have 
signed up for your newsletter.
To send a Newsletter
1. Click on Send a Message
2. Now you will see 7 tabs and then a box for writing.  
You should be on the Content Tab.
3.  Fill in the subject line
         Ie: Newsletter
4.  Go to the big white box area and type in your Newsletter 
text…whatever text that you want to send would go here. (
it is set up similar to Word)
5.  When you are done click save changes
6.  Now click on the Lists Tab
7.  Press Send Test Message so that you can view the newsletter 
before sending it to all of the users.  If not okay..then go back 
to content and edit it. If okay then check the box for Newsletter 
then click the  Send Message to Select Lists button.
8.  Now click Process the Message Queued
9.  Your Newsletter should have been sent out.  You will receive 
an email to confirm that it was sent.


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