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Fay Katherine's Show Checklist

I am emailed a few times a week with questions on what I pack and take with me to shows.  I came across this list when I first started doing artist shows and have adapted it to a few lists that I can print out before a show...I have a flying show checklist, an outdoor show checklist, and an indoor show checklist. 
Fay's Show Checklist


Tools: wrench, hammer, pliers, nails, screwdriver, tape measure

Setup/put-it-together items: thumbtacks, pins and twist ties; wire, duct or masking tape; tape gun and glue gun; fishing line (invisible hangers), clamps and brackets; tie down ropes; boards or wood blocks for leveling; backdrop weights; dolly to cart stuff in/out; extra box for re-packing

Display equipment: booth signs, special displays, wall units, shelving, pegboards and hooks; folding screens and backdrops; risers, tables, chairs or stools

Lighting: clamp lights, extra bulbs and extension cords (one short, one long); plug converter (three-prong to two-prong), multi-plug adapter or power strip

Coverings: table drapes, extra cloth or curtain (to cover/block something from view), plastic drop cloths (opaque to hide displays overnight); floor coverings

Craft demonstration items: (as necessary for your art or craft); free samples, candy or cookies for shoppers

Promotional/sale materials: business cards, brochures, flyers, catalogs, other printed materials; portfolio or photos of your work; media packages (in case a reporter or columnist interviews you at a show)

Sale/order essentials: cash box or money apron (with plenty of change); calculator; invoice/order pads and purchase orders; extra price tags; sales tax chart; mailing list sign-up sheet; credit card swipe machine and extra charge slips; cellular phone; laptop computer

Office supply items: pencils and pens; paper clips; rubber bands; scissors; scratch pad; Scotch tape; stapler; clipboard and writing pad or notebook

Wrapping/packing supplies: sacks; bags; tissue paper; padding material; tape or string

Booth cleaning supplies: glass cleaner and paper towels; waste basket and garbage bags

Personal items: appropriate clothing; ice chest for food, water, juices and "neck cooler scarf"; thermal mug; tissues, towelettes and baby wipes; sun screen; hand lotion and first-aid kit (prescription drugs, bandages, headache remedy, etc.); bug spray; sewing kit; list of family members' phone numbers in case of emergency.

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