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Canes and Overlays

One of my first classes was with Al Janelle.  Al taught me how to create beautiful canes for my glasswork.
Overlay or Feather Canes (can be done with or without stripes)


1.     Cylinder of light color core

2.     Case with one to two layers of thin opaque or transparent

3.     On end of cylinder use razor and cut in fourths---follow cut line down side of cylinder---then use razor and cut line in between each so you have 8 cuts in all

4.     8 thin intensive black lines in grooves of cuts

5.     Case with one to two layers of thin transparent

6.     case with clear transparent



Color Combos:

Core:           Layers:

White          hot pink transparent                clear

Pink            hot pink transparent                clear

White          pink   hot pink transparent         clear

Lt. Grey       dk. Gray      stripes         grey transparent     clear

White          purple          stripes         purple transparent  clear

White          red               stripes         red transparent       clear

White          grass green   stripes         trans. Emerald       clear

Nile             Grass green  stripes         trans. Emerald       clear

Grass green     stripes         trans. Emerald       clear

Lt. Sky blue     petro. Green     stripes         lt. Teal trans.         Clear

White core            acid yellow            stripes         clear

Dk. Ivory              stripes         v. dk. Topaz transp.        Clear

Dk. Ivory              stripes         dk. Topaz transp             clear

White          ocher           stripes         clear

Lt. Turquoise        cobalt          stripes         clear

Dk. Ivory              topaz           stripes         clear

White          med. Lapis   cobalt          stripes         clear

White          med. Lapis            stripes         trans.cobalt  clear

Violet          black           ribbed not stripes   clear


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