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October 20, 2008
Hi!!  Sorry I haven't updated this page in a while. I have been busy organizing a get together for area lampworkers and setting up a schedule for lampwork classes. I have new beads in my studio too.  Once they are cleaned I will post them here.   
Don't forget about my updates on my Blog .
August 18, 2008
Hi!  All shipping is caught up today, if you order from my webstore today or tomorrow the shipment is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday.  I am suspending shipping until after Tropical Storm Fay.
Don't forget about my updates on my Blog .
August 8, 2008
Hi!  I added 21 new masks to my webstore.
Click on the above link to check them out.
More later~
July 27, 2008
Hi! I finally set up the studio again and played for a few hours.  Here is what came out of my kiln:
Don't forget about my updates on my Blog . 
July 21, 2008
Hi!!  I have been super busy with the end of the school year, going to Alaska, and then having a lit'l surgery.  I am on the mend and things are falling into place really interestingly.  Look for lots of work to be added soon.
Don't forget about my updates on my Blog . 
March 28, 2008
Hi!!  How are you doing?  I will be updating the site this week while I am on Spring Break.  Life is busy here and recently I pulled a muscle in my torching has been limited. 
I can not wait to melt glass this week!! whoop!! whoop!!
more real soon~
Don't forget about my updates on my Weblog . 
February, 25, 2008
Hi! Spring Fever is in the air! I love this time of year when new life is sprouting up everywhere.
Catch my updates on my Weblog . 
January 1, 2008
Happy New Year!!!  May your year be filled with beautiful glass treasures!!!
December 29, 2007
 Hi!!!  I am the hostess of the next Carnival and the theme is “From the Heart”.  Any Valentine themed glasswork/lampwork/jewelry blog can be submitted.  The due date is January 15, 2008!!  Let the entries begin
November 8, 2007
Hi!  Check out my Weblog when you have a chance...I have been blogging 2-3 times per week. 
I added more beads tonight...a few sets and focals.
More beads to come!  I actually created a few this past weekend.  Finally back to the torch after three months...:)
October 28, 2007
Hi!!  I just added 7 new beads under Sneak a Peek. 
September 29, 2007
Hi!  I started my own Wordpress blog a few weeks ago.  Most of my ramblings will be now found at the new blog.  I am going to try to keep this area for business related chats. 
Are you looking for some vintage beads?  Retro-Beads is a website of mine for selling a bunch of vintage beads that I just do not have time to use. 
I have to run...more updates soon....
September 12, 2007
Hi!  I just listed a new mask on eBay.

September 5, 2007
Hi!  I have added a few new items on my site:
I will have more items soon.
Take care!
September 3, 2007
Hi!  Happy Labor Day!  Did you know Labor Day began in 1882 and is a day off for the “working man”?  As a kid Labor Day was so meloncholy since it always marked the start of school and the end of summer. :(

Today I am just catching up on my to-do list.  Saturday I had a morning of shopping.  I so needed some new clothes and accessories.  I found some great bargains and was able to add five new outfits to my “school marm” wardrobe. 

I better run…more later.

August 4, 2007
Hi!  Big changes are going on around my world.  I have decided to make a huge leap and have re-entered the job-market. I actually applied this spring for a few teaching positions and I had my mind set to substitute for another year (I substitute taught this spring) and slowly adjust to working on someone else's schedule....then I had an interview on Thursday and was hired Thursday evening for a 6th grade math teaching position which begins MONDAY!! So that makes it a very abrupt change of life . The past four years have been a fabulous journey...and being my own boss was fantastic as well as working with glass has been energizing....however, working with kids and teaching has always been a passion of mine since I was a little girl.... and I was missing teaching!!  I am looking forward to having a fun and exciting year teaching sixth grade math.
Although, I'll miss hanging out on some of the glass forums all hours of the day and night!!  
It will be a huge adjustment trying to balance my new teaching schedule and responsibilities with my family and if time ,creating new glass treasures so please be patient with me during this first month. 
I'll keep you updated as the changes begin...but if you do not hear from me right away, you will know that I am buried under the beginning of the schoolyear paperwork.
July 24, 2007
Hi!  We have been having electrical storms every day this past week.  My internet connection has been on and off...seems like mostly off due to the storms.  Only a few days to go until I leave for the Gathering. 
If you purchase any items from my webstore this week, all purchases will be shipped on July 31, 2007.
One eBay Auction this week:
Have to run~
July 19, 2007
Hi!  I am procrastinating...I have a lot of murrini components to put together and I can not get my murrini mojo flowing!  Don't you hate that?? When you want to work on something and it just will not go well no matter what??  Maybe it is just tooooo hot?? Today the high in my studio was 102 degrees...that is just a little toooo hot, don't you agree?? Or maybe it is due to my head being filled with a different image that needed to come out?? I think it is blocking my murrini mojo!! So after a few months of resisting the image, I decided since the murrini mojo was stuck that I needed to create the I did....and I think maybe a new series was hatched.
Anyways...I was able to work on a lot of so far this week.....  New masks....and perhaps the new series....and I did not waste toooo much glass with murrinis that had face components askew!!
Well...back to work for me!  Only a few days left until the Gathering.  More later~
July 16, 2007
Hi! I couldn't help myself...I had to watch Scott Baio is 45....and Single  and I had not a clue what it was going to be about. It actually was funny in spots and sad in others. I really thought it was cool that he has seeked out a life coach. Reminded me of Starting Over.
Here is the link:
It has the "I've screwed up a bunch with my life and I need to find out why so that I can be happy" theme to the show.  And Scott Baio does not come off looking tooo great....but at least he is shocked by his past behavior and his younger self.  Hope the show helps him become a better person.
July 15, 2007
Hi!  I have been helping out a friend, Bernadette Fuentes, with her new Pappashop website.  A few weeks ago, we decided to redesign the template and the site and I really love the new look.  The new streamline design gives a nice calm rich background that offsets Bernadette's glass work.  What do you think???
Well, time to torch...more later.
July 14, 2007
Happy Birthday Lynda!! Hope you have a terrific day!
July 13, 2007
Happy Birthday Paul!! Hope all of your birthday wishes come true!!!
July 11, 2007
Hi!  Candi Corn was just listed on eBay....a terrific focal for a Halloween themed necklace.
July 9, 2007
Hi!  I have added 5 tutorials in the past few weeks.  I receive numerous requests each week on how to do certain beads as well as help with shows and websites.  So after much debate...I have started a tutorial library.  Hope it is beneficial and helps many of you!!
July 8, 2007
Happy Birthday Ellen!! Hope all of your birthday wishes come true!!
July 4, 2007
Hi! Happy fourth of July!!! Hope everyone has a day filled with hotdogs, sparklers, and fireworks!!!
Margarita is on the 'bay this week.


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