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Jan- June 2007 Blog

June 27, 2007
Hi!  I have new auctions on eBay
Here is Candlestix...
Thanks for checking him out!!
June 26, 2007
Now I am hooked on these...someone asked about which pirate would you be?  So I found a quiz and I am Jack Sparrow. Too funny!
You scored as Captain Jack Sparrow, You are definitely quirky and often mistaken for mad but if anyone is truly paying attention they can see there is method to your madness. You try really hard to be bad but in the end you tend to do the right thing.
What kind of pirate are you????
June 25, 2007
Hi!  I love these little quizes...this one is which fantasy or scifi character are you?
I am: James T. Kirk
An impassioned commander with more respect for individuals than for authority, you have a no-holds-barred approach to life and its obstacles.
I don't believe in the no-win scenario.

Which character are you?

June 23, 2007
While I was playing tour guide to my neices a fellow glassworker and friend tagged me.  Kaye, of KoregonBeads, tagged me with this meme.  A meme is all about Me...there are specific questions in the tag to answer and then pass on to the next blogger. 
1.  What were you doing ten years ago? 

Ten years ago I was teaching fourth grade in Connecticut.  My hobbies were traveling, bowling, reading, and dabbling in every art or craft that crossed my path.     

2.  What were you doing one year ago?

 Last year I was getting ready for the ISGB Gathering and creating lots of beads and filling orders from Bead and Button.  
3.  Five snacks you enjoy?

 Chocolate…chocolate…and more chocolate.  Chips and salsa, chocolate chip cookies, icecream, chocolate, and popcorn. 

4.  Five songs you know all the lyrics to?     

Ooooh…hard one.  I am really bad at remembering lyrics to songs. I do know bye bye Miss American Pie by Don McLean, If I had a Million Dollars by the Bare Naked Ladies, Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffet, Three Little Pigs from Mr. Wolf by Barry Lane, and Fa Fa by Guster.

5.  Five bad habits?

 I have a lot of bad habits…so narrowed down to five would be: I stay up too late and sleep in too late, I work on the computer tooooo long, I procrastinate, I ignore the housework, and I have to finish a book if I start reading it. 

6.  Five things you like doing?

 Working with hot molten glass, teaching, jetskiing, traveling, and going to the beach with the hubby. 

7.  Five things you would never wear again?

 A micro-mini skirt, pantyhose (I wish!!), leather tight pants, tubetop, a string bikini. 

8.  Five favorite toys?

 My torch, dominoes to play Mexican Train, Cosmic Wimpout, my jetski, and my hubby. 

So now I am supposed to tag more peeps…I am going to try not to repeat anyone that has been tagged...and come up with some peeps that you may not be totally familiar with their creations.
so Tag you are it!!: 
Lucie Weir  Lucie, of LunacyBeads, is an amazing murrini glass artist as well as creates fantastic beads.  I love her new murrini faces.  My favorite is Rarasek, a devil face, which you can check out on Lucie's website.  Lucie and I have crossed paths a few times during the past years... Lucie talent just keeps jumping new barriers.  Lucie's work is on my wish list.
Bernadette Fuentes One of my closest friends in the glassworld that inspires me to challenge myself technically is Bernadette Fuentes. I adore Bernadette's lampwork hands...her new series of hands with seacreatures is to die for! Bernadette also creates silvered beads that are so magnificent as well as many other series.  Her work is definitely a must see! 
Sheila Morley  Sheila creates these cool focal beads with dancing women going around the bead.  I really like her series of hippie girls too!  I love Sheila's theme of strong, fierce women.  I have never met in person Sheila...but I can tell she would be a fun gal to hang with.
Shawn E. Turner I love the dragons that Shawn creates...she has wearables and non-wearables in her dragon designs.  Shawn also designs fabulous jewelry.  Shawn and I have been Gathering buds for years...and this year Shawn will definitely be missed....Shawn is going to soak in glass knowledge at GlassStock this summer.
Kandice Seeber Kandice has the brightest, prettiest lampwork bead sets on eBay.   The last C.A. game I played on I was lucky enough to get to know Kandice better.  I have really missed Kandice's chitchat since the game ended.  If you go to her site not only will you be able to see some gorgeous beads, also her site is the home to her friend, Dr. Sooz's Links.
Hope you have fun exploring. 
Thank you Kaye for the fun game. 
June 22, 2007
Hi!! The neices were here for a visit this week.  We ran everyday!  Too much fun!  We went to Busch Gardens twice while they were here.  The first day we went a storm came in and we did not get to go on Montu,a rollercoaster, so we went back for a second day.  It was a very busy week of jetskiing, tubing, amusement parks, PhazerTag, shopping, swimming, and dominoes! 
Now I have a week before the next round of visitors.  Today I am playing catch-up on the computer. 
More later~
June 21, 2007
Happy first day of summer!!!
June 16, 2007
Happy Father's Day!!!!
June 15, 2007
Hi!  Yesterday I had a job interview for teaching third grade.  Boy was I nervous!  It has been about 9 years since my last interview.  It went pretty well and lasted 1.5 hours. Yowza! 
Today I listed Quillo on eBay. So I have work again on the 'bay! I missed it the past few months and finally was able to figure out how to list on the new form without losing information. 
I better get going and apply for a few more jobs..I just received notifications of more openings.
More tomorrow!
June 12, 2007
Hi!  We are back from Bead and Button.  What a great show!!  We had a fantastic time.  I am really dead tired today. 
I will be updating the website and creating new auctions today. 
Did I tell you about my new tool that I am in love with???Oh my goodness...I am in heaven.  Usually my husband cleans all of my beads for me and he was away this week so I was lucky enough to be able to clean beads...and wow!  I love these beadreamers!  It cleans out the bead release really fast too!  I had 60 long focals cleaned lickety split. And the best part is the end of the scratching around the hole from the diamonds on the end...genius design!!!  I can't tell you how many beads I have messed up from the diamond bit hitting a part of the bead.  I am so stoked and need to go make more beads to clean. lol.  The transparent beads come out soooo clean too. I have to tell you that while I was cleaning the beads tonight I kept saying this is my favorite new tool! :)
I have a few for sale under supplies if you are looking for a BeaDreamer.
More later~
June 5, 2007
Hi!  I am doing my final preparations for Bead and Button.  Don't you hate it when you do not get everything accomplished that you set out to?  I make goals months in advance for shows and then modify them as the show nears.  It seems like I never get to my last few items...more marbles and perfume bottles.  One of these days they will need to be first on the list.
I will leave you with a few pictures of some of my new work...Sneak Peeks! 
The first is a boro Arrowhead...My first Boro Series:
Here is a SunnyFlower Pendant:
Well, the torch is yelling at me to finish making I better run.  Hopefully, if there is time, I will show you some more pictures tomorrow (if not, then I will definitely show more next week.)
June 1, 2007
Happy June!! Hope you have an awesome month!!
May 30, 2007
Hi!! Another murrini day...I have lots of eyes, noses and mouths in the kiln today.  I am still working on two more components before I can call it a day.  Other than torching non-stop there is not much new going on around here. 
More tomorrow for sure~
May 29, 2007
Hi!  I have been working all day on murrini...eyes, noses, and mouths.  Totally a fun day but very, very hot in my studio.  I had to take a break when it hit 97 degrees. 
Yesterday we purchased a new grill.  We have gone through two grills in the past 15 years. Average grill lifespan = 7.5 years. After much research on my part, hubby and I went to the usual stores to check them out in person.  I already had it narrowed down to two after a few hours and 5 stores later we went back to the first store and bought a Weber Grill. Lowe's offers free assembly on grills so we definitely decided to let them put it together and we made an appointment to pick it up.  Well, when hubby went to go pick it up there was no Weber Grill assembled...they never did it!! Hubby was not a happy camper.  They offered him a grill in a box and he could put it together himself...for a discount on the grill.  So he agreed and we ended up getting the grill for 30% off.  What a deal!! Now of course there is a huge box in the diningroom...
Soon we will be eating yummy steak on the grill...and not worrying about it getting eaten up by the grill's crazy flame!
More later...have a super day!!
May, 2007
Hi!  Happy Memorial Day!! Things here are great!  I have a few dozen boro pendants in my kiln.  A design/concept that I have been working on over a year is finally in its final stages..whoop!! whoop!!
On another note...lots of discussions are taking place on the glass forums regarding Kim Neely, , a fellow lampworker that sells primarily on eBay and gets top dollar for her work.  Kim does some gorgeous jewelry lampwork bead sets.   Right now the discussion is targeting the colors Kim is teasing out of her Double Helix Terra glass.  If you go to you can read Kim's response to the numerous emails that she received asking for tips.
jeesh! In the past, I, too, have been the recipient of many emails asking me how to create certain series of mine (sometimes after having worked on a design for months and months...and finetuning it to just so....)  They always request step by step instructions or tips or help.  How many times have I written a similar response to Kim's but always deleting it and never sending it to the emailer?  I always have gone for a sugarcoated response if it was for a complex design and if it was an easy to type out tip or helpful strategy I would definitely send it to the emailer.
I really admire Kim Neely for posting her response on her site.  Kim has stated what many of us have felt at one time or another.
This brings up many hot interesting topics for thought...Why do fellow lampworkers feel a right to ask for specific step by step instructions? Is it okay for a lampworker not to tell all?  How is that approach perceived by the rest of the online glass community?  If someone not getting top dollar wrote a similar response in their blog would it be admired or would the person receive backlash for their response?? 
Seems like there are lots of hot topics this week. 
I have to run now...but definitely more later...
May 26, 2007
Happy Memorial Day weekend!  We went jetskiing today.  The wildlife we saw was spectacular.  In no particular order...we saw manatees, lots and lots of dolphins, baby dolphins with cute little fins and little dolphin tails, flamingos, two cranes standing so that they formed a heart, etc.  It was a lot of fun!!
I have been busy getting ready for Bead and Button.  Only 1.5 weeks left.  My list is slowly getting checked off.  I will need to take some pictures so you can see a few of the new goodies.
Hubby is waiting for I better run and see what is in store for today.  Have a fantastic weekend!
May 12, 2007
May 11, 2007
Hi! BeadCamp was amazing. The fire-haze followed us back from Georgia and is thick around the Tampa area.  Yesterday the visibility was about .25 of a mile.  Crazy?!  The smog from the Florida and Georgia fires have benched me from creating anything on the torch this week.  Just stepping outside takes my breath away.  Hopefully it will rain soon or a big wind will blow all of the fire haze away.  Come On Wind!!! lol.  It is only 3 weeks until Bead and Button and I haven't been able to work much these last few months between the shoulder injury and substitute teaching.  Cse le vie! Whatever I create, I create...hehe!
Well, I better run...more soon!
Hi! Happy May!! Another month flew halfway through 2007!  I am leaving tomorrow for BeadCamp in Tennessee.  A bunch of us lampworkers are getting together to melt glass and share ideas.  I haven't spent any amount of time in Tennessee, other than driving through the state.  It will be nice to check out the scenery and hang with the girls and Greg. lol.
I will be back in a if you place a weborder it will be shipped 05/07/07.
Thanks for stopping by...more updates and auctions next week!
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